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Normally our monthly meetings  are the first Wednesday in the month – we are always keen to welcome new members to our ranks, and you will be made more than welcome should you wish to act, produce, direct or help out in a more backstage capacity!!  No experience is necessary.  Why not come along, make some new friends and enjoy the craic?!

We meet on the first Wednesday of the month (September – June) in our premises in Portadown for our monthly meeting – keep an eye to this page for updates on “Whats On”!

  Next monthly meeting – Due to COVID 19 restrictions meetings are cancelled until further notice

The past comes back to haunt the Dickerby’s.

The 2012 Summer production of ‘Kindly Keep it Covered’  by Dave Freeburn and directed by Susan Gates has finished a highly successful tour, culminating in two great shows in Portadown Town Hall were the home audiences give it a wonderful reception.

A scene from the spring production 2012 of ‘Married Bliss.’


A scene from ‘Round and Round the Garden.’

Bob Anderson  produced the 2011 Christmas production which was the Alan Ayckbourn comedyRound and Round the Garden.’

Local farmer McGonigle spies Vanessa through the caravan window!


  Sam Cree’s hilarious ‘Widows’ Paradise’ was the group’s summer theatre production and following a successful week in Portrush toured various venues across the province and finished with two very successful show in Portadown Town Hall on October 28th and 29th.

In attempt to get away from men Rachel decides to hide in the cupboard in a scene from Widows’ Paradise.

Set in the sixties the action of the play takes place in a caravan in Portrush. Widower Harry Bradshaw, his brother-in-law Ernie and son Alan are enjoying a quiet weekend fishing break when their peace is shattered by the arrival of five women who are on an ‘escape from men’ holiday. Add to this cocktail, the long estranged husband of one of the women and a rampant farmer and the action rattles along with all the great ‘Cree’  ingredients of an hilarious Ulster comedy and some unexpected romance.

Blithe Spirt – a fine festive production

Divided loyalties?

Mrs Margaret Burke made her debut as a producer with the Gateway Theatre with this year’s Christmas production the ever popular Noel Coward’s ‘Bithe Spirit.’  The performances were in Portadown Town Hall on Friday 11th December and Saturday 12th December and were a fitting close to a busy 2009 for the Gateway Theatre Group.


Mrs Partridge keeps abreast of the situation much to the concern of Henry and Piers.

Mrs Partridge keeps abreast of the situation much to the concern of Henry and Piers.


Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, the Junior Gateway is not meeting this season. Further information will follow.

TICKET HOTLINE To book tickets for any Gateway productions or to be added to the mailing list please telephone our Hotline Number 028 38351313 leaving your details, address and contact telephone number.Please feel free to post a comment if you would like further information on who we are, what we do, and where and when we do it! We would love to hear from you! See the “about” page for a listing of our office bearers and contacts.


4 Responses to What’s On

  1. Mrs A Johnston says:

    Have went with my mother who is now 95 to see, Hoilday Snap last year also last night to see Stop it Nurse and we throughly enjoyed them both. You have put a lot of hard work and time into these.Looking at the back of your programme there is quite a lot of plays that we have not seen, for examnple The Odd Couple Play or Pull The Other One. If they were on in Portadown or Lisburn Area we would go and see them. Keep up the good work. Will certainly go and see you all again.

  2. just been to see Widows Paradise at Portrush with five members of my family We must congratulate you and your company on a great production Mr Dawsons potrayal of Ernie was hilarious looking forward to your next show Good Luck Maureen Alexander,Ballymena

  3. William bentley says:

    Just been to see “Windows Paradise” in the summer with my mother whos 86 and loved it. I myself love going to the Gateway stage Productions even at 52 I still get enjoyment. we try to go nearly every year to Portrush as a highlight to watch these productions. Sam cree is a great writer.

    I thought that the cast was lovely and that farmer McGonigle was played very well buy the actor playing him (Even for a small Part,would like to see more….) Also the newcomer was fantastic whom played the young girl and the stage setup was breath taking. Millie O’Kasili did a very good job at directing. Will be looking forward to next year. keep up the good work.

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