The Gateway Theatre Group is an amateur drama society based in Portadown, N. Ireland.

Join Us!

Interested in the theatre? Been in school plays years ago and still got the bug? Need something to fill those cold, lonely winter nights? Want to act/dance/sing/build/paint/light/deafen (delete as appropriate)? Email recruit@gatewaytheatre.org and tell us your interests. New members are always welcome.

Where The easy answer is 57 Gilford Road. The hard part is finding it. Coming out of town on the Gilford Road, take the left fork 100m past the Shop4U and continue for 200m. It is the inocuous whitewashed building on the left that is not the Orange Hall. Bang loudly on the door.

When We have meetings at 8pm on the first Wednesday of every month, barring January (we’re up to our eyes in pantomime), July (too many people on holiday) and August (you’ll probably find us in Portrush).

What We try to keep meetings as short as possible (we don’t always succeed but we try). Afterwards we usually have tea, coffee and biscuits and sometimes organise a play reading.

Office Holders 2021/2022

President Betty Dawson
Vice Presidents Winnie Marks

Doris Gallagher

Lawrence Cinnamond

Chairman Jamie Douglas
Vice Chairman Hannah Duncan
Secretary Trevor Hutton secretary@gatewaytheatre.org
Treasurer Lloyd Montgomery treasurer@gatewaytheatre.org
Social Convenor Graham Fenton
Committee Denise Lavery

Marie Tiffney-Moore

Physical address:

57 Gilford Road
Northern Ireland

Mailing address:
23 Enniscrone Park
Northern Ireland
BT63 5DQ


Ticket sales:email: tickets@gatewaytheatre.org
Phone: 028 3835 1313 (Answering Machine)


3 Responses to About

  1. Rosemary Castagner says:

    As one of the first members of The Little Theatre Group, as it was then known, I have very fond memories of the fun we had (under my maiden name as Sinton – anyone out there remember me?)
    Have lost touch completely and then had the good idea of looking you up on the internet.
    Would love to get information on upcoming productions and maybe get in touch with past members (now all in our sixties – ouch!)

  2. Jack Hoey, "Kinnore," Cornamunady,Monaghan. Co.Monaghan. says:

    Just discovered this website,Rosie (if I may address you thus) read Victor’s comments and a tsunami of nostalgia swept over me. I’ve passed my 69th birthday (which has come as a most tremendous surprise to me) Remember how the last verse of Mary Hopkin’s ” Those were the Days” ended? “Oh my friend we’re older but no wiser,for in our hearts the dreams are still the same.” Good times and great people.

    • Rosie Castagner says:

      Hi Jack

      What a blast from the past!! It was good fun though wasn’t it. My next birthday is 67 and it just doesn’t feel like it. Am still living close to the old homestead in Gilford. Divorced with two offspring, both living in London (no grandchildren – that I know of!). Am working three days a week in Dublin, which is great – keeps me in money and keeps the old brain cells going too. What are you up to? My e-mail if you want to get in touch is rosemarycastagner@hotmail.co.uk

      Good to hear from you.


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